Experience Japan Taiko Team

Experience Japan Taiko Team

Japanese Foreign Minister honours Ireland’s Experience Japan Taiko!

On 24 July 2018, Japan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Mr Tarō Kōno at a ceremony in the Ikura state guest house in Tokyo, presented the award to the Irish Experience Japan Taiko Team.  Its founder and leader, Nobuko Ijichi, received the award on behalf of all the Taiko Team members and their many supporters. The award was for ‘outstanding contribution to the promotion of cultural exchange through art between Japan and Ireland’. The Foreign Minister’s award was made to individuals and groups from all over the world for their contributions to the promotion of friendship between Japan and other countries.

EJ Taiko Team perform at the HUPO2017 Conference in The Convention Centre Dublin

EJ Taiko Team perform for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Iveagh House, Dublin.

EJ Taiko Team perform at the UCD Festival Day 2017

EJ Taiko Team PPAP at Bank of Ireland

Meet the Experience Japan Taiko Team

Founded in 2010 by Nobuko Ijichi, the Experience Japan Taiko Team is made up of UCD students later integrating Japanese-Irish secondary and primary students. The EJ Taiko Team has enjoyed major success and is in increasing demand to perform at public and high-profile events (+20 per year) highlighting cultural and friendship links between Japan-Ireland and with other cultural and heritage groups. Special performances include celebrations for 60th anniversary of Japan Ireland diplomatic relations; national and international sporting events including Ireland-Japan Rugby matches and the GAA World Games Series, Dublin City Council New Year Festival and many more. Their performances always draw large crowds across the generations, drawn in by the dynamic rhythms and the excitement of intercultural discovery and experience.

Experience Japan Taiko Team

Taiko is an ancient form of Japanese drumming and there are now thousands of Taiko groups all over Japan. The Experience Japan Taiko Team wear traditional colourful Japanese costumes made up of a Happi (jacket), Obi (belt) and Hachimaki (headband).

Miyake Taiko

This piece is formally called “Miyake-jima Kamitsuki Mikoshi Daiko”. The word ‘Miyake’ comes from Miyake-jima which is an island of the Izu Island chain located 180km south of Tokyo. The style of Miyake Taiko has developed as music for Gozo Tenno Sai — a traditional festival held every July in Miyake-jima since 1820. In this festival, they continuously perform Miyake Taiko from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. while leading their mikoshi portable shrine which they carry all around their city. The Experience Japan Kids Taiko Team love this traditional joyous style of drumming which they practice regularly.


Yuugi is comprised of three sections (Nagado Taiko, Tsukeshime Taiko and Katsugioke Taiko). The Experience Japan Kids Taiko Team perform the first part — Nagado Taiko. Then Kei and Adam, core members of the main adult Experience Japan Taiko Team, play the Katsugioke Taiko section separately.