Film Premiere 2012

European Cinema Premiere of two 3.11 Tsunami documentary films
29th March 2012 at 6.45pm at the Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield, Dublin
Tickets are €7.50 each at
English Subtitles
The films “Lives After The TSUNAMI” and “TSUCHIOTO” were made in the disaster area by two film director in March 2011. They were shown in the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival in 2011 and were highly commended. These two films are getting very warm praise of all the films which covered the 3.11 disaster.
Lives After The TSUNAMI, 74 minutes
The director Shuichi Morimoto said “The film ‘Lives After The TSUNAMI’ was made in Sendai, Higashimatsushima and Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture from 23 March to 1 April 2011.  I was anxious about the safety of friends who lived in Ishinomaki. I judged that I had to see the situation by my own eyes, and left Tokyo. I was carrying a video camera as a filmmaker, but I confess I did not know what I was able to film. At the start, I could only film scenery. The very first interviewee was the father who lost his newborn baby in the tsunami. After hearing this situation, I decided I would leave a record of what really happened. This may be my selfish way; it was very difficult to hear the painful experience from the survivors. But I persuaded myself; ‘Don’t forget that this scenery used to be a peaceful land where people lived.’ I had to get the voice of the survivors.”

The directorr Shuichi Morimoto
Born in 1970. After studying the India philosophy at Toyo University, he produced animated cartoons and fictional work.  He went to Iraq during the Gulf war and made adocumentary film. Now he runs “Fartheron Production”.
TSUCHIOTO, 23 minutes
The director Yui Okubo said “Two weeks after the earthquake, I went back home to Otsuchi, Iwate prefecture, Japan. Taking a night bus, I placed priority on food and clothes for my family and did not bring cameras. But as soon as I saw the damage to my home town, I could not help recording it and started using my smartphone.  After returning to Tokyo, for a while I could notaccept the nightmarish reality of the disaster so in April 2011 I made this work to see with my own eyes again in a more orderly fashion.”  Okubo’s home town Otsuchi suffered crushing damage by the tsunami, and his family also became victims. The film alternates between the surviving footage of Otsuchi which was kept by Okubo in Tokyo and the footage of Otsuchi after the 3.11 disaster.  The film “TSUCHIOTO” is poetry with visuals and sound effects.

The director Yui Okubo
Born in 1986. He studied art at Seijo University. He directed “Come to the sea – the youth concerto” which is an independent film production.
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 Thank you to the Lighthouse Cinema team for all their help and support.