Experience Japan 2012

Experience Japan Festival Day
1st April 2012 from 12 to 4p at Farmleigh House & Estate in the Phoenix Park
The main Experience Japanese festival day will be on Sunday 1st April 2012 in the love surroundings of Farmleigh House & Estate in the Phoenix Park. This event brings together groups interested in Japan and Japanese culture in a Hanami (Cherry Blossom) Festival. Traditionally at this time of year across Japan groups come together for a community celebration marking the appearance of the Cherry Blossom very often accompanied with the sound of the traditional Taiko drums. All activities are free with stage performances as well as demonstrations and workshops. Activities will start at 12noon and run until 4pm.
A variety of other events will also run during first two weeks of April and more information will be available shortly!
European Cinema Premiere of two 3.11 Tsunami documentary films
29th March 2012 at 6.45pm at the Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield, Dublin
Building on the success of first two years of Dublin’s Hanami Celebration, the Experience Japan Committee is delighted to announce the launch event of this years festival will be the European cinema premier of the documentary films “Lives after the Tsunami” and “Tsuchioto” on Thursday 29th March 2012 at 19:00 in the Lighthouse Cinema.  See the Film Premiere section for more information.
Chester Beatty Library Day [see here for more information] 11am to 4pm on Saturday 7th April
Free Japanese Language Taster Class
11:00 – Children’s session (6 to 9 yr old)
14:00 – Adult’s session
Space is limited.  E-mail language@experiencejapan.ie for reservations.
Experience Japan is organising Free Japanese Language Taster Classes designed for absolute beginners and giving people an opportunity to get a flavour of the language.  This children’s session is for 6 to 9 year olds and will be a combination of fun activities with a language learning focus.
Video Presentation
13:00 – “Can you see our lights? First Festival after the Tsunami”
Programme following the preparations for the 1st Matsuri (Festival) after the 3.11 Tsunami.  No booking required.
Traditional Music Performance
11:50 & 13:50 – Shamisen Performance
The Shamisen a three-stringed Japanese musical instrument played with a plectrum called a bachi.
Free Japanese Language Taster Class
From 4th to the 11th April 2012
Experience Japan is organising Free Japanese Language Taster Classes designed for absolute beginners and giving people an opportunity to get a flavour of the language.  In addition Experience Japan are also organising a Children’s session in the Chester Beatty Library on Saturday 7th April.  This children’s session will have a lot of fun activities to help enjoy the learning of a new language.  All class sizes are small and there is no charge.  The teachers are all experts in Japanese as a foreign language teaching.
Adult’s Sessions (classes are 80 minutes class)
– Wednesday 4th April at 6.30pm in University College Dublin, Belfield, D4
– Saturday 7th April at 2pm in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle, D2
– Wednesday 11th April at 6.30pm Dublin City University, D9
Children’s Session (classes are 40 minutes and for children aged 6 to 9 years)
– Saturday 7th April at 11am in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle, D2
To make a reservation for any of these classes please e-mail language@experiencejapan.ie and you will get more information about the location. (See here for more information)
Two concerts need your support this weekend!
8th March 2012
This weekend is first anniversary the 11th March 2011 Tsunami and two fund raising concerts will be held in Dublin this weekend. Please support them!
Plum Blossom Concert Sunday 11th March 2012 at 15:30
The Pepper Canister Church
Mount Street Crescent, D2
The Plum Blossom Concert will remember those who lost their lives in the tsunami and support those who survived but whose lives were torn apart. Funds will be donated to a program helping tsunami survivor kids with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder smile again by taking part in professionally supervised forest fun camps. Tickets are Euro25.00 each and available though http://www.plumblossomconcert.com/

Handel’s Messiah Sunday 11th March 2012 at 20:00
Performed by the Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin Choir, Japan
St. Patrick’s CathedralSt Patrick’s Close, D8
The Toyo Eiwa Jogakuin Choir, an all-female choir, will perform Handel’s Messiah lead by acclaimed Japanese conductor Hideyuki Tsuji. A number of soloists will also be involved, including Japanese soprano Eri Nakamura and bass Yasunori Okumura. (Supported by the Japanese cultural organization MCEC.) The concert is free and there will be collections supporting the Tsunami relief at the door.