Experience Japan 2011

Main festival starts at 12:00pm in Farmleigh House
The schedule of activities and performances  for Sunday is available here.
Information on the Experience Japan Seminar Series is available here.
Taiko Drum Performance
Taiko has been part of Japanese culture for many centuries. The word Taiko means ‘wide drum’ in Japanese.  There will be a performance by Taiseiyo Taiko and the DCU/UCD Taiko group.
Shakuhachi and Irish Harp
A fusion of Japanese and Irish traditional music, Philip Horan will play the shakuhachi, a traditional Japanese bamboo flute and Junshi Murakami will play the Harp.
Soranbushi is a traditional Japanese sea shanty. It accompanies the bon dance, which depicts fishermen dragging nets and pulling ropes. This dance will be performed by the Soranbushi group from DCU and UCD.
Aikido means ‘the way of harmonious spirit’, and is a martial art that focuses on blending with the motion of the attacker and redirecting the force of the attack.
Iaido displays the controlled, smooth movements of drawing a sword, striking the opponent and replacing the sword in its sheath.
Judo means ‘gentle way’ and involves using techniques like joint locking and strangle holds to throw or take down an opponent.
Kendo means ‘way of the sword’ and is based on traditional Samurai swordsmanship.
Nihon Buyo
Nihon Buyo is a traditional Japanese dance which is performed on stage. It embodies elements of earlier performing arts such as ‘bugaku’ and ‘nohgaku’.
Face Painting and Yo-Yo Fishing
We will also hold fun events for children, including face painting and Yo-Yo Fishing. Kids can have their faces painted with sakura (cherry blossom) petals to mark the occasion of Hanami. Yo- yo fishing is a popular event at Japanese festivals (matsuri), it involves ‘fishing’ colourful balloons filled with water from a pool.
Japanese Food Stalls
There will be food stalls in which people can buy popular Japanese food like sushi and sashimi.
Kimono dressing
A presentation of how Japanese women dress up in their tradition outfit, the Kimono.
Cosplay (costume play) by the best performance artists in Dublin. The participants will dress as characters from popular Japanese Anime. There will be a prize for the most impressive character and they will be awarded the ‘Experience Japan Day Cosplay Award 2011.’
Origami workshops
The popular art of ‘folding paper’ is a major part of Japanese art.  There will be 20 minute sessions for children held in the ‘Cowshed Theatre’ where they will be taught how to make origami cranes.
Japanese Story Telling
As in all cultures, Japan also has myths and legends which have been passed down for centuries. Story telling for children will take place under the Sakura (cherry blossom) trees.
Japanese Fine Art, Anime and Manga and J-Pop Seminar
Experts will give seminars on the popular art forms in Japan. A particular highlight will be Jimmy Murakami discussing his work in Anime and Manga.